This is the digital archive for DGHM 150: The Digital Humanities Studio, a course regularly offered by Claremont McKenna College in cooperation with the Digital Humanities Initiative at the Claremont Colleges.

The Digital Humanities are concepts and practices that aim to enhance scholarship with the use of new media, including but not limited to web technologies, mobile devices, GIS, and physical computing. This class will provide students with the opportunity to create Digital Humanities projects in collaboration with scholars, designers, and technologists. Working in teams to execute scholarly arguments in digital form, students will engage in all phases of production including design, research in the relevant humanities disciplines, and technical implementation. Students will participate in critical conversations throughout the semester, fostered by topical writing assignments, technical workshops, and invited guests.

The purpose of this archive is not only to provide resources to faculty members and students interested in engaging with the digital humanities, but also to celebrate the achievements of students enrolled in the course. As such, it is a dynamic resource, so stay tuned for frequent updates not only at present, as the site is under development, but also during subsequent semesters when the course is taught.